• Martin Hermsen


    Martin Hermsen is partner at Dicitas Consulting and is responsible for the Strategy, Customer & Channel practice.

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  • Vincent Berndsen

    Principle Consultant

    Vincent Berndsen is a principle consultant for Dicitas Consulting and represents Dicitas Consulting in Asia Pacific.

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  • Nienke Keizer

    Digital Marketing & Design Analyst

    Nina is a Digital Marketing & Design Analyst and Program Management Officer.

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At Dicitas Consulting we are looking for ambitious people that want to do things differently. Innovation, new development, technology and tools are required to help our clients in the digital era. We crack the business issues of today like digital strategy formulation, digital transformation, channel return optimization, digital customer experience, big data analytics and much more. You want to be part of this because you are ambitious, passionate, creative, entrepreneurial and never give up on making the best happen.

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