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Vincent Berndsen

Principle Consultant

Vincent Berndsen is a principle consultant for Dicitas Consulting and represents Dicitas Consulting in Asia Pacific.

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He has a deep understanding of Customer Experience Management, CRM & Digital Marketing gained from experience in the industry and consulting.

He began his career at Vodafone, where he held diverse functions including Head of Consumer Operations and Head of Customer Experience. He continued his career at Philips where he was Service, Quality & CRM manager for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg, project manager for Asia-Pacific and later Director Global CRM.

Before setting up his business in Asia, he worked as a CRM Consultant for Accenture. Vincent holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & International Management from the University of Maastricht.

Vincent is specialized in helping clients improve their top- and bottom line results by optimizing digital processes in the marketing, sales and service processes on both strategic, tactical and operational levels in the organization. He has experience as a sr. advisor and project manager in both Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Australia.

Vincent has experience managing 200+ FTE’s, as a Director in a Multi-National Company, and has had local, regional and global responsibilities in several MNCs, Industries in which he has been active as an advisor are telco, high-tech consumer products, utilities, banking and governmental organizations. His main areas of expertise are Digital & Online Marketing, Customer Analytics, eCommerce, CRM, Loyalty Programs, Customer Service & Customer Experience Management and reduction of lead-time & cost-to-serve.

  • 12 years cross industry experience in CRM, Customer Experience design, Operations, Analytics and Project mgt
  • Managed short- and long term projects for different organizations
  • Facilitated multi-channel customer journey design projects
  • Interim management experience a.o. director global CRM, head of customer experience management
  • Has experience both on a strategic, tactical as an operational level within marketing, sales and customer services

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