How customer journey mining improves your customer engagement and sales

Written by Thijs van Tol

We all want to have loyal, engaged and valuable customers. For this we are designing and delivering customer journeys to be able to deliver a compelling and differentiating customer experience. However, designing the right customer journey is not easy.

– How do we design and implement a customer journey?

– How do we measure the positive impact of the voice of the customer?

– How do we measure the internal delivery excellence of the customer journey?

– How does it drive customer engagement and sales?

Realizing the optimal customer experience requires a significant investment. Companies often lose sight of the relation between customer experience and the investment to deliver. Customer journey mining helps you to innovate your customer journeys fact based targeted to drive customer engagement and sales.

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27 feb

Digital Innovation Summit III: 15 September 2016

Written by Dicitas






For the third consecutive year, Dicitas Consulting will organize the Digital Innovation Summit on Thursday, the 15th of September 2016. The Digital Innovation Summit is an annual event presenting the latest thought leadership in digital trends, innovation and transformation.

25 mei

Retailers. Dare to transform!

Written by Martin Hermsen

virtual supermarket

Retail companies have been dealing with increasingly diverse and faster paced consumer expectations for some time now. To satisfy these expectations, they have felt forced to move faster and faster within a wide variety of channels. Mostly though, they implemented cosmetic changes such as loyalty programs, store remodels, adapting product portfolios, etc. Again and again it was a difficult trade-off between consumer experience, logistical efficiency and business profitability.

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23 nov

DIS2015: Amazon Web Services (AWS) – “pay-as-you-go” infrastructure

Written by Martin Hermsen

Our Consultants have been called in to help fix stalled data center transformations, but why not do it right from the start with Amazon AWS?

Data center outsourcing initiatives are one way to reduce IT service costs.  Unfortunately, many of these projects focus purely on realizing fixed costs reduction instead of adding in agility factors like: pay-per-use. And many of these projects fail or end in a stalled client-supplier relationship.

When this happened some of our consultants were called in to fix it. Some key reasons for failure are: multi-party settings on the supplier side, highly complex fixed-price contracts in a win-lose setting, and early reduction of critical knowledge on the client side (to achieve the FTE savings). But is it wise in digital times to cut out process and technology knowledge of your business?

A great report on this topic is by Jim Ditmore: “why IT outsourcing project often fail”. He as well talks about a series of outsourcing deals that were reversed to actually deliver the right benefits. Ditmore, in his report, has multiple examples why it’s key to keep the knowledgeable employees on-board to deliver required savings.

In our Dicitas Digital Partners Network we work with Amazon Web Services. Why? Because: they provide their service based on “pay-as-you-go” terms (how many DCs are undersized or oversized from day 1?). The AWS solutions can be managed by the clients staff without an additional managed service provider. You can achieve the savings, deliver the benefits and keep your knowledge in-house.

At Dicitas we help our clients to successfully transform their business and close their digital performance gap. Stay tuned for more updates from our ITx practice. A good starting point is to get an independent view on your IT organization: email me, Oliver Trier, for an introduction &  IT maturity assessment

I invite you to join our ITx and Amazon break-out during the Digital Innovation Summit 2015 about: How to truly benefit from the IoT (Internet of Things).

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24 aug

Digital Transformation Introduction Series with Infographic

Written by Martin Hermsen

ZDNet recently published a multi-series on Digital Transformation.

Summary: Human behavior is changing. Technology is on track to dominate our lives, and we are becoming digital-first. There is no doubt that a digital transformation is already ongoing and omnipresent.


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12 dec

Management faces digitally transformed reality – join us on 9 Oct 2014

Written by Martin Hermsen

Digital developments are changing society at an increasing speed. You are in a digitally transformed, ever-changing market-place. Join us on October 9th and learn from others how they successfully excel in this new setting.

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10 jul

3rd Digital Revolution: FAB LAB manufaturing and digital material

Written by Martin Hermsen

MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld explains the “The Third Digital Revolution”. At the recent SOLID conference, he explains the progress in creating digital material, which together with the already started rise of FAB LABs (multi purpose / highly flexible fabrication laboratories offering personal digital fabrication / 3D printing) – will significantly disrupt our “analog” manufacturing world.

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28 mei

Dicitas Consulting hot topic on Consultancy.NL

Written by Dicitas

In de periode Februari/April 2014 is Dicitas Consulting hot topic op Consultancy.NL. Een indicatie dat de ontwikkelingen bij Dicitas Consulting met de nodige belangstelling worden gevolgd.



22 apr
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