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DIS2015: Amazon Web Services (AWS) – “pay-as-you-go” infrastructure

Written by Martin Hermsen

Our Consultants have been called in to help fix stalled data center transformations, but why not do it right from the start with Amazon AWS?

Data center outsourcing initiatives are one way to reduce IT service costs.  Unfortunately, many of these projects focus purely on realizing fixed costs reduction instead of adding in agility factors like: pay-per-use. And many of these projects fail or end in a stalled client-supplier relationship.

When this happened some of our consultants were called in to fix it. Some key reasons for failure are: multi-party settings on the supplier side, highly complex fixed-price contracts in a win-lose setting, and early reduction of critical knowledge on the client side (to achieve the FTE savings). But is it wise in digital times to cut out process and technology knowledge of your business?

A great report on this topic is by Jim Ditmore: “why IT outsourcing project often fail”. He as well talks about a series of outsourcing deals that were reversed to actually deliver the right benefits. Ditmore, in his report, has multiple examples why it’s key to keep the knowledgeable employees on-board to deliver required savings.

In our Dicitas Digital Partners Network we work with Amazon Web Services. Why? Because: they provide their service based on “pay-as-you-go” terms (how many DCs are undersized or oversized from day 1?). The AWS solutions can be managed by the clients staff without an additional managed service provider. You can achieve the savings, deliver the benefits and keep your knowledge in-house.

At Dicitas we help our clients to successfully transform their business and close their digital performance gap. Stay tuned for more updates from our ITx practice. A good starting point is to get an independent view on your IT organization: email me, Oliver Trier, for an introduction &  IT maturity assessment

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