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How customer journey mining improves your customer engagement and sales

Written by Thijs van Tol

We all want to have loyal, engaged and valuable customers. For this we are designing and delivering customer journeys to be able to deliver a compelling and differentiating customer experience. However, designing the right customer journey is not easy.

– How do we design and implement a customer journey?

– How do we measure the positive impact of the voice of the customer?

– How do we measure the internal delivery excellence of the customer journey?

– How does it drive customer engagement and sales?

Realizing the optimal customer experience requires a significant investment. Companies often lose sight of the relation between customer experience and the investment to deliver. Customer journey mining helps you to innovate your customer journeys fact based targeted to drive customer engagement and sales.

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27 feb

7 Digital Dominance Award 2016 winners in Belgium!

Written by Dicitas

Last week, professionals active in digital marketing representing companies from a range of industries gathered at Chalet Robinson to celebrate the Digital Dominance Award winners for 2016 for the Belgian Market. The Digital Dominance Benchmark is a research conducted by Dicitas Consulting, who initiated this new award to recognize the brands that are dominant in “digital” in their markets. The research was as well conducted for the Netherlands and Asia

For the Belgian market, 55 brands were considered in this benchmark and 21 were nominated as potential award winner in 7 different categories (Banking, Insurance, Telco, Utilities, Food Retail, Retail & Products).

The winners received their awards during the Digital Dominance Award Diner organized by Dicitas Consulting in collaboration with Conversion Talent and Yonego. The partnering companies polled the audience on how they evaluate the gap between their company’s digital ambitions and what they have accomplished in reality. Moreover, it was discussed what holds back companies to close the gap between what consumers expect and what these companies can delivery. During the award dinner, topics were tackled such as ‘how to identify the right digital talent and how to recruit them’ and ‘what to anticipate as digital trends in 2017’.

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2 feb

What if competition knows your 2016 plans? IT alone won’t save you

Written by Martin Hermsen

Security. What happens if your competitors have your list of customers, prices, discounts, promotion plans, innovation reports? In a recent HBR webinar featuring the Pentagon, security was the key topic. Of course they are the obvious target in Cyberwar, but what about your and my business.

“Last year, Holland lost more money to cybercrime (4.0% of its GDP) than it gained from IT (3.2%).”

Too many companies still rely on firewalls and refreshing passwords as key security actions. Yet, I have noticed first hand what people do immediately when they find a USB drive somewhere: “Oh, let’s look what’s on the stick”. In seconds a computer is infected with remote access malware or could even be fried. And it’s not about that infected computer alone.
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27 okt

The battle of the digital ecosystems

Written by Martin Hermsen


The battle of the digital eco-systems
A couple of minutes ago I got triggered to write this quick blog. In my LinkedIn timeline passed a sponsored message from, a Dutch e-tailer that is part of the Ahold Group. The message shows this company truly understands what digital transformation is about and in which interesting era we live.

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15 okt

Digital Transformation: To CDO or not to CDO, that is the question.

Written by Martin Hermsen


A couple of days ago I was asked to join a Chief Digital Officer Roundtable in London* to discuss the many pitfalls and challenges a digital transformation brings to an organization. Looking at the program and the intended attendee list it promises to be a very interesting couple of days. Nonetheless, the title of the conference left me in limbo: Does an organization need a Chief Digital Officer? (CDO) The title ‘Chief Digital Officer’ holds quite some aspects.
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30 sep

Dicitas Consulting joined the 2015 edition of the MARUG Conference

Written by Dicitas

Dicitas Consulting joined and supported the 2015 edition of the Marug Conference.



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23 mrt

Dicitas Consulting predictions for 2015 and the digital performance benchmark

Written by Dicitas

During the recent New Year party of Dicitas Consulting co-hosted by Software AG, Martin Hermsen presented the Dicitas Digital Predictions for 2015.


2015 Predictions



The audience acting as the expert panel evaluated all predications on their likelihood to become true in 2015. The outcome was remarkable! The overall conclusion was that 2015 will be the definitive year for the full breakthrough for everything digital. Digital channels, digital devices, digital consumers, digital equipment, digital things, it all dramatically changed our world.


Organizations are forced to rethink how they do business, reframe their go to market, restructure their organization and revitalize their people to fully speak digital in the omnipresent digital world.


It’s essential for organizations to know where they are, what is required now to not go down, what is of strategic importance to win tomorrow. To help organizations with their digital journey Dicitas Consulting developed the Digital Performance Benchmark to take action NOW and FAST.




19 feb

Successful digital business models need deliberately unstable processes

Written by Martin Hermsen

Gartner: successfully implementing digital business models depend on implementing deliberately unstable processes which are agile, adaptable and supermanoeuvrable to support shifting customer needs.

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28 jan
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