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Global distributor of Medical- and Pharmaceutical products


The Challenge

The client is a global distributor of medical- and pharmaceutical products. Although the company acquired a large number of companies around the globe, no real emphasis was put on realizing synergies across the portfolio of companies. It was not in its culture nor was it part of its approach to performance management to exploit commonalities in business. As a result, both processes and supporting IT systems remained very diverse and fragmented. This hampered the implementation of business improvements and optimizations across the different entities of the company.

The engagement

Dicitas Consulting was asked by the client to facilitate a discussion with the companies’ leadership on commonality in processes and systems and the consequences of implementing the desired level of commonality. Based on these discussions, a clear level of ambition was set and an approach was agreed to move to common processes and supporting systems. New supporting systems were selected in key areas based on the common requirements of the relevant organizational entities. The approach to implementation and the required program organization were defined. The program is currently in its implementation phase.

The value we provided

Dicitas Consulting prepared and led the required discussions with the clients’ leadership team and defined the required steps towards the target situation. Dicitas Consulting defined the approach towards the realization of common processes and systems. Furthermore we led the effort to select the supporting systems, bringing together the client’s teams from various countries and entities. For many of the entities and their teams, this was the first time they had discussions about topics that were beyond their own entity and were for the good of the entire company.


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