Dealing with Market Change at a Global Automotive Company

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Dealing with Market Change at a Global Automotive Company


The Challenge

Current economic circumstances, combined with rapidly changing market dynamics, have a very significant impact on the automotive industry. All major, traditional players suffer from these circumstances and have seen a decline in revenue and profitability in the European region. The client took many counter measures in recent years, most of them focused on stabilizing its business by removing costs. In Europe, much of the low hanging fruit had already been picked. Even some more complex measures, involving greater effort, had been taken. It was very clear for client management that further action needed to be taken in order to reestablish a positive bottom line and prepare the company for a better future.

The engagement

Dicitas Consulting was asked to help the client define the overall direction for their business transformation. Through a number of facilitated discussions and workshops a shared sense of urgency was created and a common understanding was established of the scope of the required change. The target operating model outlines were defined, providing the foundation for a profitable business and the required innovations in approaching its market and customers.

The value we provided

Dicitas Consulting led the discussion and provided direction on the approach, the target operating model and the necessary steps to actually implement the operating model.


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