Digital Transformation at a Leading Publisher of Business Information

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Digital Transformation at a Leading Publisher of Business Information


The Challenge

The client is a former government owned publisher of business information. While the publishing industry is traditionally paper oriented, most customers and consumers of information are becoming more and more digitally savvy, and expect their business information products to become digitally available as well. Industry wide, this has resulted in publishers facing revenue and margin declines over the past years, so the need to face the challenges of the changing customer needs and turn this into new opportunities was pressing. While the client already converted many products to a digital format, the organization itself was still organized around a paper based portfolio. The challenge at hand is how the client could realize a quick turnaround in the organization to be able to service their clients in a highly digital and efficient organization.

The Engagement

The first challenge was to re-design the commercial organization and strategy to be better able to service the needs of clients. The main aim behind this was to initiate a turnaround of declining revenues and retain current business as well as winning new clients. The sales and marketing processes had to be analyzed and improved to create a more efficient, relevant and effective sales approach and a better targeted marketing organization. This newly designed commercial processes were the basis to create a comprehensive set of requirements for a new to be selected CRM platform, to optimally support the new, digitally enabled commercial organization.

The value we provided

Our involvement with the client enabled us to – jointly with the client – analyze the full scope of commercial processes (sales, marketing, Order to Cash) and identify and prioritize improvement areas. We have helped the client define a new sales and marketing strategy and an actionable action plan and roadmap to implement organizational changes and improvements. Besides this, we helped the client identify and prioritize a comprehensive set of CRM requirements, enabling them to select a new CRM and marketing campaign platform to optimally support them in realizing their new commercial strategy.


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