Digital Transformation For a Global Dairy Food Company

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Digital Transformation For a Global Dairy Food Company

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The challenge

The client, with more than €11 bln in revenue, is one of the world’s largest dairy companies. A significant and growing part of its revenues are being generated in Asia and specifically in China. Infant Nutrition is a rapidly growing product category and an important contributor to the company’s financial result. The client experienced a changing and increasingly digital consumer and needed to look for new ways and channels to find, attract, convert and engage with the right consumers. Digital initiatives were started at country level and led to some results. Overall digital maturity level was low. Digital marketing spend was growing in only a few countries and a team was set up to assess and define a global digital marketing strategy.

A significant part of marketing spend needed to be shifted towards “digital”, to be present where the customers were. Digital initiatives and activities were mostly adhoc and executed on a country level with limited skills, support, direction or governance from global marketing. The client needed to gain a common understanding of the direction it would take in digital and the capabilities (people, process, technology) that needed to be built.

The client needed answers to the following questions:

  1. What is our global digital marketing spend and how effective is it?
  2. Should it increase or decrease?
  3. What is the specific digital expertise available in countries and what is the process for knowledge sharing, best practices and selection of suppliers?
  4. What should our global digital capability roadmap look like?


Dicitas Consulting supported the client by:

  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment of the organization and its competition
  • Designing the consumer strategy based on consumer journey analysis
  • Translation of strategy into digital capabilities
  • Prioritization of required digital capabilities by country
  • Definition of a business case, investment plan and roadmap
  • Definition of a program required to transform the marketing function and its activities globally

The value we provided:

  • Delivery of a comprehensive Digital Marketing Blueprint
  • Detailed definition of required digital capabilities in terms of organization, people, business processes and technology
  • Defined and prioritized initiatives to build the required capabilities
  • Detailed business case and investment model per category and country
  • Board approved end-to-end plan to realize a best in class Digital Marketing capability

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