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Digital Transformation at European Branch of a Global Retailer


The Challenge

The client, a multibillion euro European branch of a global company, was severely suffering from declining revenues and pressure on margins. Both the economic crisis and upcoming new digital competitors, with low overhead and agile digital business models, pushed the client to change direction. The company had gone through a number of cost cutting rounds. However, the benefits of these cost reduction initiatives were decreasing. An organizational structure and capabilities that did not fit new market realities added additional complexities. Moreover, there was a legacy IT infrastructure that was hampering any significant business innovation. The time had come to radically rethink the overall business model and make a big leap forward towards a lower cost business model that would be the basis for innovation and growth.

The engagement

The client asked Dicitas Consulting to help find a way out of the current situation. An analysis phase was started to gather business facts and personal beliefs, using desk research and input from senior management through interviews and workshops. From the picture that emerged, directions for the required change were sketched in cooperation with the companies’ key opinion leaders. After having agreed the design principles and outlines, the future state operating model was worked out in detail and completed by the Dicitas Consulting team. After several workshops with the client’s senior leadership, this model and a comprehensive transformation plan were accepted.

The value we provided

Our step-by-step approach facilitated a fact based discussion, with clear consideration for the people aspect of the required change. Our approach ultimately led to a smooth acceptance of a future state design and a transformation plan, which were crucial to this client’s future.

Dicitas Consulting’s contribution in this engagement was broad. Our consultants framed the discussion, executed the initial analysis, prepared and facilitated discussion sessions and workshops, brought a clear sense of urgency, coached senior leadership representatives, developed the future operating model in close cooperation with the client and defined the transformation plan. The process was efficient, driven by a small team, and results focused. Dicitas Consulting currently fulfills a leading role in the realization phase of the transformation program.


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