Digital Strategy and Blueprinting for an international rental company

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Dicitas Consulting helped a multinational rental company with the development of a digital strategy, customer journey’s, a digital capability blueprint and a digital transformation roadmap to achieve their digital transformation.

Boels Rental is one of the most renowned rental companies in Europe where the rental of machines, tools, units and catering and event equipment is concerned.  The company, which was founded in 1977, has seen tremendous expansion, growing from 20 branches in 3 countries to almost 400 branches in 11 countries. The expansion of activities is based on autonomous growth as well as a number of strategic acquisitions and has resulted in a doubling of turnover every five years. This makes Boels Rental one of the fastest growing rental companies in the world.

To continue to grow Boels needed to transform to the digital era. Dicitas Consulting helped the company to:

  • Develop a digital strategy and roadmap
  • Customer segmentation and persona development
  • Customer journey design of 5 distinct persona’s
  • Design of the organizational blueprint
  • Design of the technology blueprint
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Leadership alignment
  • Digital transformation roadmap design
  • Business case development



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