Developing a Global CRM blueprint for a Global Insurance Firm

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Developing a Global CRM blueprint for a Global Insurance Firm

Faced with the rapidly changing global marketplace, our client wanted to seize its growth potential. The client had the ambition to increase the effectiveness and improve the efficiency of its Customer Management Capability.

The challenge

The client was faced with a rapidly changing market place. Customers are more demanding. The need for consistent communication and transparency is becoming a standard. Within the client organization there was no common way-of-working in managing customer interactions for existing or new (potential) customers. IT functionalities were managed by each country individually, leading to inconsistent solutions and inefficiencies. The client wanted to facilitate a common cross-country approach to increase efficiencies and wanted to support the design of a common CRM Blueprint country based Roadmap to deliver the CRM Blueprint.

Many countries expressed their interest in a common CRM blueprint and improved Customer management capabilities within their country. However there was no common understanding about how to realize this and to understand the organizational/budget impact. The client had no insight in the current way of working of each country including the level of maturity, growth potential and expected benefits. Between countries the needs and existing capabilities were significantly different.

The engagement

The objective was that countries benefit from more mature Customer Management Capabilities, for the company to reach a certain level of commonality that can be leveraged across countries, using a pragmatic approach and business case to realize a more mature Customer Management Capability. This would ensure the most effective usage and fastest implementation of a good Customer Management Capability.

The value we delivered

We helped the client with analysis, strategy and design of core commercial processes like Campaign Management, Lead management (Customer Service –Inbound Sales), Partner Channel Management, Broker campaign management, Partner Lead management and distribution, Customer & Marketing Intelligence.

In the processes we built a Common Vision together with the countries, we implemented a platform of sharing learnings and proven best practices in the market as well as between countries and the Group. We involved all functions in a country from the beginning (overall buy-in), we created an interactive platform between countries and the Group and we ensured all decisions are based on the business market context.

The team performed the following activities to reach the end goal: Performed Market and Business Scan, developed CRM Reference Model, built detailed design and requirements definition, developed vendor RFP, selected relevant technology infrastructure, took the in- or outsource decision, developed a change management approach, created a detailed design of the technical environment, developed the solution, implemented campaign & lead management basics in selected countries, and monitored and reported on progress.


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