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The challenge

The client, a leading medical nutrition manufacturer, was facing strong competition and price pressure in its markets. The overall culture and way of working in the organization had been rather intuitive as opposed to data-driven. The majority of the performance indicators that were used mainly focused on the quantity of sales related activities and overall financial results. Aiming to strengthen its commercial muscle and drive fact-driven decision making, the client set out to professionalize its commercial processes.

The engagement

Dicitas Consulting was asked by the client to assist in the definition and design of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with which to measure and manage the commercial process and digital channels and translate these KPIs into a dashboard design.

The first step was to conduct several rounds of interviews to be able to define the baseline of current KPIs that were used in the organization, as well as the specific needs of each of the various user groups. The individual interviews provided us with rich information to prepare a series of workshops as the next step. During the workshops we defined the key value drivers that most strongly contribute to increasing the company’s business performance and the corresponding KPIs. The full set of KPIs was described in a detailed KPI design book and provided the company with a well-rounded view on its business performance. This was achieved by including actionable KPIs not only relating to the quantity of activities and financial results, but also on themes such as the targeting of activities to the right customers, the quality of activities and campaigns, the performance of digital channels and detailed knowledge on the customer base.

In the next step of the project, we defined in detail the various user groups that would make use of the commercial KPI dashboard. Per user group, the most relevant subset of all KPIs was selected and  the dashboard visualization requirements were defined. This input was then translated into an interactive mockup (created in Power BI) to visualize the design and look and feel of the future dashboards.

A comprehensive implementation plan was created to detail all required activities to deliver the commercial dashboards. This included the various activities relating to acquiring and maintaining the required data, deploying the analytics and dashboarding tools and embedding these into the overall performance management way of working within the company.

The value we provided

Through our step-by-step approach we were able to deliver a set of clearly defined KPIs which included our best practices as well as the client-specific input. By developing the additional dashboard designs and implementation plan, the client now has a clear view on its path towards improving its commercial and overall business performance.


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