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Digital reverse mentoring aims to bridge the gap between senior leadership and the digital generation within an organization. Traditionally it are the more experienced, the older ones, mentoring the youngsters. In this approach we reverse the situation. It are the young, digital savvy people that mentor the senior leadership on the digital transformation that is happening around us.

The objectives of reverse mentoring can vary, but are for instance:

  • enhance the digital capabilities of the top 100 managers
  • enable the top 100 managers to lead by example on digital
  • create a win-win: digital natives get coached by senior management in return
  • make senior executives become “Digital Ambassadors” by increasing their own digital savviness
  • contribute to cross generational contacts and highlight internal talents

The Challenge we are helping to solve
Today, most organizations have a clear digital strategy and internal resources to deploy it. However, everyday use of digital and business challenges is still difficult for senior teams and executives. Moreover, traditional digital training programs are often theoretical and therefore, everyday usage of digital solutions remain complex. Reverse mentoring aims to strengthen the organizations leaders by incorporating the Digital Strategy and Culture into their DNA.

What is Digital Reverse Mentoring?
Digital reverse mentoring is an operational solution that contributes in transferring digital knowledge and everyday usage of digital solutions, while strengthening inter- generational relationships.

The highlights of how Dicitas can help you to design and execute a reverse mentoring program:
We can design, develop and execute a reverse mentoring program specifically for you.  It includes the facilitation and animation from design to finish.

For instance we could design a 6 months reverse digital mentoring program, matching 100 senior managers in a 1 on 1 mentoring relationship with 100 digital natives that work in the bank. The matching criteria will be based on current digital knowledge, function, language and location. To support the digital natives in their role as mentor, a mentor digital mentoring training can be developed and conducted prior to the deployment of the mentoring program, including:

1) Develop the program

  • Developing and setting up the program: Mentees identification, evaluation questionnaires, mentoring Charter, mentor’s identification and selection criteria
  • Develop mentor training framework: What is mentorship? What will be expected from me as a mentor? How do I tackle the most difficult digital questions of my mentor? High quality and customized digital content
  • Develop the digital toolkit: Develop a for the client customer build digital toolkit. Digital Themes identification and high quality content development. Digital Toolkit preparation (Pedagogical guide, fact sheets…).

2) Launch the Program

  • Matching of the mentors and mentees: Creation of internal pairs between a Mentee (Senior Executive) and a Mentor (digital native)
  • Mentors training, program deployment, community animation

3) Animate the program

  • Reward the mentors that invest their time in this programme
  • Networking, community feeling and knowledge sharing for all the digital mentors
  • Organizing regular individual meetings between the Mentor and Mentee
  • End of program event, questionnaires, return of experience & next steps

For more information on reverse mentoring please reach out to:

Martin Hermsen
+31 646.828.785


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