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The omnichannel capability diagnostic is a method used to define the digital/omnichannel capability maturity of an organization. It allows for zooming in on specific capabilities and helps to set the priorities and build a roadmap in order to achieve business goals.

The digital capability diagnostic can be used on different dimensions of your organization: corporate, regional or the country level. The digital capability diagnostic can be done in conjunction with the digital dominance benchmark. It gives then both the internal and external perspective. And the digital dominance benchmark allows you to benchmark yourself with other organizations and brands.

See for more detail on the Digital Dominance Benchmark:

The Dicitas Methodology:

When we start the capability diagnostic, we apply our thoroughly tested and continuously improved digital capability reference model so as to offer the highest quality and most up-to-date analysis of the current digital capabilities and innovations With the project team, we begin with identifying the basics; what is the current customer strategy and what other strategic goals are there that need to be considered. We use this insight to contrast this with your current digital maturity state. Potential gaps are identified to allow us to set priorities and develop a digital roadmap in order to bring the capabilities up to the required level and reach the organization’s strategic digital objectives and goals.

For the benchmark we use the Dicitas Digital Capability Reference Model pictured below in the insurance industry version:

Our approach

The approach of the diagnostic can be combined with the digital/omnichannel capability blueprinting. This is a more comprehensive approach to design the future state. If the “Digital/omnichannel Capability Maturity Diagnostic” is used stand alone we recommend to do the below mentioned approach and activities.

1 Diagnose digital capabilities

  1. What is the maturity level of the  digital/omnichannel capabilities? Characteristics? Ecosystem? What is changing?
  2. Who is the competition and what is their digital position?
  3. What are the required capabilities and assets?



2 What are the digital strategic imperatives?

  1. Which market segments offer the best opportunity? What is the best product/ market/ channel combination?
  2. What is the growth ambition and how can digital drive this objective?
  3. How do we measure digital success?
  4. What will be the organizational impact?



3 Define feasibility

  1. What is the best way to build the digital capabilities that we need to achieve the business strategy?
  2. What are the required future digital capabilities and assets?
  3. What should be the right governance and mandate for the digital strategy?
  4. What does the digital business model look like?
  5. What does the digital technology model look like? 


4 What are the next steps?

  1. Which digital capabilities do we need to build with which priorities, sequence and speed?
  2. What is the roadmap for the next 12-24 months?
  3. What are the quick wins for 2017?
  4. What resources and budget are required?
  5. What is the financial business case?



The outcome

  • Digital maturity report on corporate/regional/country level
  • Prioritized set of focus areas for digital capability improvement
  • Digital capability roadmap

For more information please contact Martin Hermsen or Remko Voorzaat.

Martin Hermsen
+31 646.828.785

Remko Voorzaat
+31 +638.310.131


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