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In digital marketing the aim is to get to know unknown consumers, activate and attract them and transform them into new customers, while at the same time serving existing customers better with the use of digital (programmatic) advertising.

This can be very effectively and efficiently done through a digital advertisement booster in which you build target audiences of unknown customers and segment them into groups based on socio/geo/demographics, behavioral drivers or through social listening.

With audiences segmented, the following questions can be addressed and answered:

  • How can I reach out to unknown customers that fit my target group?
  • How can I engage with them, attract them and turn them into new customers?

How do we help?

With the help of a Data Management Platform (DMP) we activate the identified audiences by programmatic marketing such as programmatic digital ad buying, retargeting and content intelligence.

A DMP simply helps to centralize data about your customers, whilst channels are used as paving stones for your customer’s journey. With a DMP you can:

  • Create a panoramic landscape for your customers by connecting your existing business architecture.
  • Set up basic rules to determine online behavior, and unify messaging across channels to produce actionable results.
  • Being ahead with personalization – understanding your customers’ behavior, from web all the way to call center.

The Dicitas Methodology

When we start the digital advertising booster, we apply our thoroughly tested and refined model which has been successfully applied in multiple projects.

With the booster, we start by identifying the basics and understand what is currently in place in terms of digital advertising. Questions such as: which tools are used, how are they used and how effective have they been are key questions to be answered before a solid approach can be formulated. The approach that is to be formulated based on initial interviews/workshops will act as a roadmap for the remainder of the project. The roadmap will have key stages, priorities, required activities and outcomes.

The graphic below displays the basic approach taken towards digital advertising boost:

The outcome

By joining technology systems using a DMP, we offer you the luxury of fine-tuned customized messages to be delivered across all paid marketing digital channels. In doing so, the company will be able to deliver highly relevant messages and increase conversion and sales. In addition, it can generate savings in media spend as every buck is spent better.


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