June 8th 2017 – Employment agencies are still behind the Digitalization Curve

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The Employment Agency sector is the area researched most recently as part of the Digital Dominance BenchmarkTM. The overall conclusion is that scores for the Employment Agency sector across all categories, lands well below the cross-industry average for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Many organizations are struggling to live up to customer expectations and to know how to offer the proper experiences across their digital channels. Even though many companies increase their digital budgets these days, many still shave difficulty with how to spend it in the best possible way.

We see that the changes in the employment market take a similar route as the consumer market, where consumers are increasingly purchase directly from suppliers online. Candidates approach companies directly and vice versa using online platforms. Technology and digital plays a much larger part in candidates search paths than before. Staying on top of these developments will make or break a successful recruiting journey.

The Digital Dominance BenchmarkTM

During the last couple of years, Dicitas Consulting has been benchmarking brands in multiple industry sectors to see how well they perform in the digital landscape. The Digital Dominance Benchmark, compares the digital strength of brands within and across industries as well as most European markets.

The benchmark is comprised of various KPI’s in five digital categories; Web, Social, Online Video, SEO and Apps. The scores for each category are translated to the total score, resulting in an accurate indication of the overall digital strength of the participating brands.

Martin Hermsen, partner at Dicitas consulting says that “The Digital Dominance Benchmark is an excellent way to get insights into your own and your competitors digital strengths, and gain understanding in which areas you have potential to improve. The Digital Dominance Benchmark has been designed to bring several elements of digital together and describes how strong each company or brand performs in the digital arena”.

The Employment Sector Performance

Within the Emploment Agency sector, 20 employment agencies have been benchmarked in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as an additional 50 agencies across Europe.  All agencies score below the cross industry average for all benchmark categories (e.g. online video performance scores score far below par, while web scores are just about average). Agencies therefore limit the digital reach of their brands.

“Looking not only at your own digital performance, but to also be able to learn from those of your competitors and other industries, helps companies gain deeper insights about the success rate of their digital investments” says Martin Hermsen.

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