The Digital Performance Diagnostic

The Digital Performance Diagnostic

The Digital Performance Diagnostic helps organisations with their digital transformation by:

1. Bench-marking their digital capabilities and spend against industry leaders
2. Understanding their digital strengths and weaknesses
3. Prioritising the areas of greatest opportunity for improvement and revenue generation
4. Understanding the characteristics of digital leaders in their industry
5. Becoming masters in digital

Method and Value:

The Benchmark consists of 103 questions and aims to provide insights into your digital maturity, compared to that of your competitors. It will also identify your most important improvement areas. The benchmark survey takes approximately 60 minutes to fill out. All information provided by participants will be handled with the utmost care. We respect your privacy.

Individual survey results will only be presented to the participants and their respective company. For all other parties, data will be available in the form of anonymously aggregated numbers, organized by industry and country.

Benchmark results will be provided to you upon request in the form of a report and can also be presented to you in a workshop format. If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting, please call +31 646 828785.

The Digital Performance Benchmark contains six capability groups that collectively define digital mastery

1. Deliver a superior digital experience

  • Deliver digital experience consistently
  • Deliver a branded digital experience
  • Enable customer service differentiation and personalization

2. Use digital to create and shape demand

  • Expand into new markets
  • Have best in class e-commerce capability
  • Use channels strategically
  • Create high-margin digital products and services

3. Master big data to enable digital engagement

  • Extract and apply value-adding insights
  • Use customer data strategically

4. Use Digital technology to innovate

  • Execute a pervasive digital innovation agenda
  • Implement clear, efficient processes
  • Master digital channels and digital security

5. Organize to be digital

  • Integrate digital throughout the organization
  • Manage, train, and retain best talent
  • Ensure senior executives are digitally savvy

6. Measure your Digital Performance in real time

  • Review our digital performance improvement road-map regularly
  • Measure our digital performance and know the bottom-line
  • Monitor our digital customer experience


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