The Digital Dominance Benchmark

The Digital Dominance Benchmark

Being digital and strengthening your brand in the digital space is essential to become future proof. Digital dominance helps your business to stay ahead of the competition and be the winner in your industry. For the second consecutive year Dicitas Consulting conducted the Digital Dominance Benchmark, evaluation the digital presence and strengths of 90 brand in the Netherlands in 9 different sectors.

Our research and experience in the digital world has taught us that companies need to invest smart to create digital differentiation and need:

  • A strong web presence, inviting, quick to load, searchable with clear navigation and calls to action for the customer
  • Mobile optimization beyond responsive design; also succinct, uncluttered and with a clearly visible value proposition
  • Emotional engagement with the customer, utilizing and curating relevant stories and content delivered by a compelling customer experience
  • A proactive social media strategy to engage with customers and communities on social where they turn to for information, counsel and decision making
  • Paid media advertising to ensure brand visibility, awareness, consideration and customer activation

Many companies are struggling to get it ‘right’ with their digital efforts, and therefore, brands face the challenge to bridge the gap between customer expectations and the experience they deliver as a brand. Luckily, it is possible to determine who owns the digital space in each sector and what your company can do to get or stay ahead of your closest competitors.


The Benchmark pool

The Digital Dominance Benchmark allows you to compare the digital strengths of your brands with competitors in- and outside your industry. Our current diagnostic peer group contains 9 industry sectors, 11 countries and over 150 brands. We perform the digital benchmark research in Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, Australia, Canada and USA. Besides our yearly digital dominance benchmark we can benchmark specific brands in specific countries on special request of our customers.

Know your digital brand strength

That most companies are increasing their digital budget is no secret, but the question is, how far are digital initiatives taking companies in the strive for digital excellence? In the age we live in, companies need to create a competitive advantage by mastering their digital presence and customer engagement.

The Digital Dominance Benchmark tracks companies’ digital brand performance and benchmarks it within their industry, as well as cross-industry. It shows how digital dominant brands are in the digital spectrum. The Index is an indicator that describes how strong each company or brand performs in the digital sphere.

The pillars consist of various KPIs that allow for deeper investigation into what exactly has affected a specific company’s performance and what can be done to improve performance. It can also be used to match with your current strategy and efforts to indicate what has worked well and what has not.


Why is it important to measure your digital brand strength?

Companies that invest strongly in their digital capabilities not only get ahead of competition in the digital sphere, but also improve their overall business performance. The Digital Dominance Benchmark helps you to define the right direction for your investments:

  • To gain insights into how direct and non-direct competitors are performing on all digital channels
  • To compare to and learn from companies in other industries how to improve your own digital brand performance
  • To learn which digital capabilities you need to improve and how
  • Being able to see whether your previous efforts have paid off and which have been less effective
  • It helps you to define a digital strategy to ensure that you become the dominant player in the digital world

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