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Our Dicitas Partner Network

Often real innovations come from small, agile, smart and young companies. It is our mission to mobilize front runners in digital and combine their areas of expertise with robust program management and transformational capabilities to help our clients in making decisive steps in their digital transformation. The Dicitas Partner Network represents a focused and energetic group of innovators that truly understands the impact digital transformation can bring. We are actively building a global Dicitas Partner Network to bring the best to our clients in terms of disruptive technologies, joint innovation, cross fertilization and latest thinking in digital.

  • AR Development BV – Harnessing the power of Augmented Reality

    Gem Vision platform is developed by AR Development BV. Using this platform helps companies in all business sectors to optimize processes. This will be realized by using the possibilities of augmented reality glasses. This platform gives support to a technician on-site, giving all necessary information and the possibility to have a video conference with colleagues all around the world, so they can see what the engineer on-site is seeing. These features gives you the possibility to give live and virtual training for technicians or engineers. As we’re logging everything, we can give you insights of big data solutions with real-time data.

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  • Celonis – See. Understand. Improve.

    The way your company really runs.

    Celonis Process Mining is an intelligent big data technology that analyzes and visualizes every process in your company. It reveals weaknesses and makes processes more transparent, faster, and more cost-effective.

    Turn on the lights:

    Process mining leverages the digital footprint left behind by your IT systems and provides complete transparency into how the processes are actually working.  Are you losing a week between the time you ship an order and the time you invoice?  Do you have vendors not meeting their commitments?  Are you losing hours of productivity each day due to unnecessary steps in your process?  Would automation help you speed delivery and receipt of payment? Process mining will provide these answers and more.

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  • INDG – Every Product Playable

    INDG develops technology that enables engaging digital product experiences. We combine the science of technology with the artistry of computer-generated content.

    Our vision is that at some point in the future all products can be made virtually available to everyone everywhere on the planet. Long before their design has been completed or consumers are even able to buy them, they can be experienced on all levels of detail. The whole product lifecycle will become part of an intelligent, digital supply chain, from product conception to prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and post-sales support. This makes it possible for brands to tap into unheard-of cost savings, but also to completely revise the way we learn about and interact with their products.

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  • Manhattan Associates – Omni-Channel Retail and Supply Chain Leader

    For 25 years we have earned a reputation for building technology solutions that solve the most complex business problems in supply chain, inventory and now omni-channel.

    25+ year heritage as a world-class supply chain company. 8 consecutive times ranked as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS. 16 of the top 20 apparel retailers use our software solutions. 5+ years with the industry’s first platform for supply chain commerce convergence. 4 years with leading-edge Enterprise Order Management System.

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  • Mavim – Change It!

    Mavim is a global software solution provider specialized in business transformation and process management. The Mavim product suite helps organizations with varying initiatives, such as: enterprise transformation, process improvement, application rationalization, risk and compliance management, information security, and (business critical) system implementations.

    By connecting people, processes, and systems in a single repository that can be viewed from many different perspectives, Mavim gives you the necessary insight to embark upon a transformation journey. Managing all information from one single source enables clear communication to stakeholders in order to ensure collaboration, adoption and ultimately, change.

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  • Mopinion – Feedback analytics software for websites and mobile apps

    At Mopinion we make breakthrough software that changes the way enterprises use customer feedback from websites and apps. We truly believe customer feedback is a crucial ingredient for Digital-First enterprises to succeed. Mopinion powers these companies by offering an analysis and reporting solution that supports users’ desires for data discovery. All in a delightful user experience.

    We are the number one company in several European markets when it comes to analysing customer feedback from your digital channels. Many companies choose Mopinion because they want more than just a feedback collection or survey tool: they want the most innovative and flexible feedback analysis software on the market.

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  • QPR – Using your operational data to drive better business results

    QPR Software provides solutions for strategy executionperformance and process managementprocess mining and enterprise architecture in over 50 countries. QPR Software allows customers to gain valuable insights for informed decisions that make a difference. With 25 years of experience, 2 000 customers and over a million licenses sold, QPR’s products are highly regarded by industry analysts and customers alike.

    Dare to Improve.

    Process Mining is about using smart software to continuously analyze and visualize the flow of your operations, so that you can identify specific ways to improve your business. It’s easier and more cost-effective than many people realize – with near instant results.

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  • Quinso – Quality in Solutions

    Quinso is a team of exceptionally experienced SAP consultants. Thanks to years of experience, industry-specific process knowledge in combination with SAP knowledge, Quinso delivers high-quality consultancy in Europe. Total solutions in the SAP software environment in the production and wholesale industry, that is where Quinso excels.

    With the Quintech team within the ranks, Quinso concentrates on the technological aspects within the SAP capabilities. Alert on new technologies and trend watchers pur sang, with the focus on horizontal and vertical integration between the Top floor (ERP) and the Shop floor (production floor). This integration is of course possible in an on-premise or cloud situation.

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  • Scyfer – Bring machine learning to your business

    From accurate defect detection in steel plates to automated medical diagnoses, we unlock the potential of machine learning. Our goal is then to bring the best state-of-the-art AI solutions to companies. By giving machines the ability to learn, we bring extraordinary innovation to life. Thus, we push the limits of the possible.

    We use cutting edge machine learning and deep learning techniques in order to solve real-world problems arising from your business needs. When working with the Scyfer team, our clients provide data, domain expertise, and business requirements. We combine these with Scyfer’s own deep learning platform and extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art technology.

    It’s a unique combination of data, business expertise and machine learning. It leads us to whole new products and business concepts that weren’t previously possible. That’s true innovation.

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  • Tahzoo – It’s personal, not just business

    Architects for the experience age. We help our clients navigate the experience economy. We build brand experiences that matter. Good relationships make for good business. With us, it’s personal. We were built from the ground up for customer experience.
    We don’t have to invent ourselves to help you reinvent yourself. It’s all connected by Tahzoo

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  • Thunderhead – It’s Not Your Journey, It’s Theirs

    Customers only talk to you because they need something. They need it now, on the platform or channel that suits them. But you’re not making it easy for them. We help you listen to your customers, everywhere, in real-time. We join up web, mobile, high street and contact centre customer experiences and connect them with your existing CRM system giving you a multi-dimensional view of all your customers, so you know what they need, when and where. Seamless. Effortless.

    Thunderhead designs and build engagement software for brands to better engage with their customers. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub ties together customer insight, context and journey behavior to inform interactions with customers and partners across all touchpoints. This helps brands give their customers simple, easy and joined-up experiences every time they interact with brands in any channel – digital, mobile, phone, or in person. Now, customers feel more engaged, leading them to be happier and more loyal.

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  • Yonego – ROI Driven Internet Marketing

    Yonego is the ROI Driven Internet Marketing agency for ambitious companies. Right from the start, we have given priority to measurable results and we generate millions of Euros extra turnover for our clients.

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