Case Studies

Examples of recent client engagements:

  • Digital Strategy and Blueprinting for an international rental company

    Dicitas Consulting helped a multinational rental company with the development of a digital strategy, customer journey’s, a digital capability blueprint and a digital transformation roadmap to achieve their digital transformation.

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  • Commercial performance management at leading medical nutrition manufacturer

    For a leading medical nutrition manufacturer we developed a new commercial performance management system. Dicitas Consulting was asked by the client to assist in the definition and design of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with which to measure and manage the commercial process and digital channels and translate these KPIs into a dashboard design.


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  • Digital Transformation at a global Insurance firm

    Dicitas Consulting helped a global insurance firm in need of making the step into the digital era, with all stages of the digital transformation process. We formulated the digital strategy, redesigned and improved their marketing processes, developed customer journeys, designed the organization and governance model. Currently we are building their digital marketing capabilities and are preparing the deployment.


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  • Digital reverse mentoring at a large european bank

    For a large global retail and private bank, we developed and launched a digital reverse mentoring program to develop the leadership and management capabilities of all Retail and Private Banking people managers.

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  • Digital Transformation For a Global Dairy Food Company

    For a global FMCG we developed a global Digital Strategy and Blueprint. The client, with more than €11 bln in revenue, is one of the world’s largest dairy companies with a significant and growing part of its revenues generated in Asia and specifically in China. Digital initiatives were accelerated. Overall digital maturity level was boosted. Digital marketing spend was growing resulting in increased marketshare.

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  • Digital Transformation at a Leading Publisher of Business Information

    We helped a international publisher with their digital strategy and transformation. While the publishing industry is traditionally paper oriented, most customers and consumers of information are becoming more and more digitally savvy, and expect their business information products to become digitally available as well. We helped the client to realize a quick turnaround in the organization to be able to service their clients in a highly digital and efficient organization.

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  • Dealing with Market Change at a Global Automotive Company

    We helped a global truck manufacturer to define the overall direction for their business transformation. Through a number of facilitated discussions and workshops a shared sense of urgency was created and a common understanding was established of the scope and direction of the required change. The target operating model outlines were defined, providing the foundation for a profitable business and the required innovations in approaching its market and customers.

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  • Streamlining Business Operations for a Global Automotive

    For a global car manufacturer we developed a comprehensive program to simplify processes from dealer to headquarters. Business processes were re-engineered to allow the direct interaction of dealerships with headquarters. The country organizations were reshaped to pure marketing & sales organizations. The other business functions were set up as common services, run centrally. The processes, organization and supporting IT systems were redesigned to support the new operating model.

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  • Digital Transformation at a Global Retailer

    We help a global retailer to develop and deploy a new digitally enabled operating model to compete in their heavily changed market. Based on a multi dimensional analysis we defined the direction for the required change in cooperation with the companies’ key opinion leaders. With the agreed design principles and outlines, the future state operating model was designed by the Dicitas Consulting team. After several workshops with the client’s senior leadership, this model and a comprehensive transformation plan were accepted and deployed.

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  • Developing a Customer Service Center for a European Insurance Firm

    We helped a large European insurer to launch a new multi-channel customer service center servicing the end-customer. We designed the new organization and processes, developed the roadmap, built and launched the new organization including the supporting systems.

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  • Developing a Global CRM blueprint for a Global Insurance Firm

    We helped a global insurance company with the analysis, strategy and design of their core commercial processes like Campaign Management, Lead management (Customer Service –Inbound Sales), Partner Channel Management, Broker campaign management, Partner Lead management and distribution, Customer & Marketing Intelligence. The client faced a rapidly changing market place. Customers became more demanding. The need for consistent communication and transparency  became the new standard.

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  • Global distributor of Medical- and Pharmaceutical products

    Dicitas Consulting helped a global distributor of medical- and pharmaceutical products to design a global operating model with the companies’ leadership based on commonality in processes and systems and the consequences of implementing the desired level of commonality. A clear level of ambition was set and an approach was agreed to move to common processes and supporting systems. New supporting systems were selected in key areas based on the common requirements of the relevant organizational entities. The approach to implementation and the required program organization were defined and executed.

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