The Digital Economy requires new consulting methods and approaches to bring digital innovation faster, of higher quality and of more value. Our methods are value driven and help you to become customer centric.

  • Customer Journey Mining

    A company’s customers are the reason for its existence! This is the reason why many organizations have invested significant time and effort in designing customer journeys and optimizing the customer experience. A positive customer experience is essential, as it indicates how well a company meets the expectations of its customers. Customer Journey Mining brings it to the next level!

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  • The Digital Dominance Benchmark

    The Digital Performance Gap became a serious challenge for most brands. Therefore brands face the challenge to bridge the gap between customer expectations and the experience you deliver as brand. Dicitas Consulting helps by benchmarking your brand against competition. How dominant is your brand in the digital sphere?

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  • Digital/omnichannel Capability Maturity Diagnostic

    The omnichannel capability diagnostic is a method used to define the digital/omnichannel capability maturity of an organization. It allows for zooming in on specific capabilities and helps to set the priorities and build a roadmap in order to achieve business goals.

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  • Customer Journey Design

    As digital technologies enable customers to be more powerful than ever, it is crucial for organizations to put their customers first when making business decisions. To create a new offering or a process it is essential to start from the customer perspective. Read more if you want to learn how customer journey design can help you to become truly customer centric and improve bottom line results.

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  • Digital/omnichannel Capability Development

    When growing your organization towards a more digital operating model, it is important to stand on a good foundation of digital capabilities. Without a solid foundation, execution and ecosystem delivery will prove difficult in practice. It is therefore crucial to detail all organizational capabilities that will help you to deliver on your strategic objectives. A digital capability defines the requirements for the organization, its processes, people and technology, as well as the KPIs to measure its performance.

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  • Digital Advertisement Booster

    The Digital Advertising Booster is a service from Dicitas Consulting in which we execute digital advertising and programmatic buying on behalf of our customers. From strategy to execution. Even value and results based. In digital marketing the aim is to get to know unknown consumers, activate and attract them and transform them into new customers, while at the same time serving existing customers better with the use of digital (programmatic) advertising.

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  • Process Mining

    Process mining, the key to next generation process improvement

    Process mining is a very practical application of big data analytics. To put it in simple words, process mining tools allow to connect with source systems (ERP, CRM, eCommerce, other transaction based systems) and use the huge volumes of transactional data to visualize how business processes are executed and allow for detailed analysis to the minutest detail. Read more if you want to know how process mining can help you to achieve the next generation of process excellence.

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  • Reverse Mentoring

    Digital reverse mentoring aims to bridge the gap between senior leadership and the digital generation within an organization. Traditionally it are the more experienced, the older ones, mentoring the youngsters. In this approach we reverse the situation. It are the young, digital savvy people that mentor the senior leadership on the digital transformation that is happening around us.

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