Industry Expertise

Experience across a wide range of industries

Dicitas Consulting has extensive experience across a wide range of industries. Our highly motivated teams bring each client a combination of deep knowledge of the specific industry as well as expert perspectives from other industries.

  • Automotive

    The automotive industry is constantly changing. New players and new services are entering the market. Emerging markets have significant impact on the traditional value chain. Revolutions in integrated mobility concepts are demanding attention. Connecting the vehicle with its environment is opening up a wealth of new opportunities.

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  • Consumer & Retail

    Consumer products companies face new challenges created by complex consumer and shopper behavior, retail consolidation, the digitization of society and emerging markets. These same challenges also open up new routes to profitable growth.

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  • Financial Services

    For many financial institutions immediate survival will remain their first objective. The financial sector, however, must look beyond survival and develop new growth strategies for the future.

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  • Resources & Utility

    Natural resource and public utility organizations are facing numerous industry challenges, including the changing fuel mix, supply distribution, efforts to decarbonize energy generation and the rapid change on the distribution edge.

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  • Telecom, Technology & Media

    During the last two decades continuous technology innovation has driven high growth in the telecom industry. However, this growth came to a standstill and the telecom industry is facing a new situation of market saturation. Looking into the future: what does the industry need to do to develop new drivers for growth?

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  • Transportation, Travel & Tourism

    The Transportation, Travel & Tourism industry is facing numerous challenges including digitization, deregulation, privatization, intensifying competition, infrastructure bottlenecks, globalization, new technologies and systems and ever-increasing need for better quality.

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The partners and employees of Dicitas Consulting are all experienced management-, strategy- and digital technology consultants. On average our consultants have 15+ years of experience, working for global top 1000 companies. On their track record you find organizations like ABN AMRO, Air France-KLM, Amgen, ASML, Astra Zeneca, BHP Billiton, Bridgestone, Cargill, CEVA, DAF Trucks, Daimler Benz, Firestone, Ford Motor Company, Goodyear, Heineken, ING Bank, KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom), MSD, Novartis, Office Depot, Pfizer, Philips Consumer Electronics, Philips Medical Systems, Philips Lighting, Procter & Gamble, Reed Elsevier, Sara Lee, SITA (Suez-GDF), Sol Melia Hotels & Resorts, TUI travel company, Unilever, Vodafone, VOPAK, Volker Wessels, Volkswagen, Wavin, Yamaha Motor and many more.


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