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  • Digital Brand Dominance in 2017 – How to Achieve?

    Datum toegevoegd: 10 januari 2018

    How digital dominance can help your company become the industry leader
    Being digital and embracing technology are some of the most important factors in becoming future-proof. Technology helps your business to stay ahead of the competition and be the winner in your industry.

  • How process mining can play a crucial role in business transformation

    Datum toegevoegd: 26 september 2017

    The practical application of big data technology allows companies to better plan and manage complex business transformation initiatives.

    Technology is now at a stage that it impacts the work of consultants. Many of a consultants’ traditional activities in process analysis have become obsolete

  • Commerce Trends 2017-2018 by Manhattan Associates

    Datum toegevoegd: 28 augustus 2017

    A few years ago, in the world of retail, we wondered how long physical stores would be able to survive. Now they’ve become an imperative to survival. Despite the sustained growth of e-commerce, there is no doubt that the retail store will continue to play an important role in the customer journey and is a key strategic tool for all retailers. Publication from Manhattan Associates with a contribution about Reverse Mentoring from Martin Hermsen, Dicitas Consulting.

  • Technology Driven Marketing Innovation

    Datum toegevoegd: 27 juli 2017

    How digital technology disrupts the way you innovate your marketing

    Marketing has always been driven primarily by human beings. Not anymore. Marketing is now more than ever driven by advanced technology. How do we marry marketing technology with human touch and deliver the ultimate customer experience?

  • Customer Journey Mining – Mastering the Customer Journey

    Datum toegevoegd: 15 juni 2017

    A company’s customers are the reason for its existence! This is the reason why many organizations have invested significant time and effort in designing customer journeys and optimizing the customer experience. A positive customer experience is essential, as it indicates how well a company meets the expectations of its customers.

  • Reverse Mentoring – How the younger generation accelerates growth

    Datum toegevoegd: 01 juni 2017

    How the younger generation of your organization can help to accelerate growth
    Digital reverse mentoring aims to bridge the gap between senior leadership and the digital generation within an organization. Traditionally it are the more experienced, the older ones, mentoring the youngsters. In this approach we reverse the situation. It are the young, digital savvy people that mentor the senior leadership on the digital transformation that is happening around us.

  • The Digital Dominance Awards 2016 – Belgium

    Datum toegevoegd: 01 april 2017

    Entering 2017 we look back evaluating which brands were most dominant in 2016 in the digital presence within their industry. Research by Dicitas Consulting, who initiated this new award to recognize the digitally dominant brands, is not only executed in Belgium. Similar awards have recognized the digital dominant brands in the Netherlands and in Asia.

  • The Digital Innovation Summit 2015 Highlights

    Datum toegevoegd: 23 juni 2016

    The second edition of the Digital Innovation summit was celebrated in two locations. First in Utrecht Netherlands followed by Brussels the next day. The 2015 theme was about the digital ecosystems of the future and both academic lecturers as well as digital experienced managers from small and large firms shared their insights.

  • The Digital Innovation Summit 2014 Highlights

    Datum toegevoegd: 07 december 2014

    The first edition of the Digital Innovation Summit 2014 was held on October the 9th 2014, at Fort Voordorp Groenekan Utrecht. Digital developments are changing society at an increasing speed. They are changing the way markets, consumers and customers behave. Dicitas Consulting and its partners shared the impact of digital innovation on organizations around the globe.

  • Once upon a time a new consulting company was born

    Datum toegevoegd: 07 december 2013

    Once upon a time a new consulting company was born. Dicitas Consulting. The Di of digital, citas to be the search and dicitas means the journey to find all the answers. The quest to find new meaning in the digital world. Find out more at www.dicitas.com.

  • Welcome to the Process Excellence Revolution!

    Datum toegevoegd: 01 december 2013

    It started in the eighties of the previous century but it still remains important. Process excellence improves the way you create and deliver value to customers. Not convinced? Whether you’re interested in lean or six sigma, BPM or agile, this video will help you convince your organisation that it can, and should, be better.

  • The 2020 Consumer is coming, or is he already here?

    Datum toegevoegd: 29 november 2013

    Consumers are changing fast. Looking at the latest trend, it is clear that 2020 consumers will be very demanding towards product quality and service quality.

  • Future Vision 2020

    Datum toegevoegd: 27 november 2013

    Produced for the 2013 CASE Europe Annual Conference in Manchester, Future Vision 2020 is a 7 minute look at the trends and innovations shaping the future world.

  • Digital Disruption

    Datum toegevoegd: 14 november 2013

    Digital Disruption is changing the way all businesses interact with their customers and each other. Are you ready for the change? Learn what Digital Disruption is, what it means for you and your company, and how to become a Digital Disruptor yourself and not a victim of disruption.


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