How customer journey mining improves your customer engagement and sales

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We all want to have loyal, engaged and valuable customers. For this we are designing and delivering customer journeys to be able to deliver a compelling and differentiating customer experience. However, designing the right customer journey is not easy.

– How do we design and implement a customer journey?

– How do we measure the positive impact of the voice of the customer?

– How do we measure the internal delivery excellence of the customer journey?

– How does it drive customer engagement and sales?

Realizing the optimal customer experience requires a significant investment. Companies often lose sight of the relation between customer experience and the investment to deliver. Customer journey mining helps you to innovate your customer journeys fact based targeted to drive customer engagement and sales.

Customer Journey Mining
Customer Journey Mining is about creating insight into how customer journeys have ‘actually’ run, compared to how they were designed. Moreover, Customer Journey Mining makes the connection between customer journeys and the supporting business processes of a company. It does this, by applying big data analytics to business processes. By applying analytics, Customer Journey Mining allows to analyze how companies interact with customers based on hard facts and to identify where the support of the customer journey shows room for improvement. Doing so, we combine the realization of an optimal customer experience across all relevant channels with the continuous improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.

How does it work?
The ‘Dicitas’ Customer Journey Mining 1-2-3! approach’ enables you to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Link customer needs & value drivers to internal activities
  • Step 2: Identify customer behavior and process efficiency
  • Step 3: Continuously improve customer journeys and internal processes based on fact-based insights

Step 1: Link customer needs & value drivers to internal activities
To identify the customer’s behavior, an organization must understand how customer journeys actually run and what the customer value drivers are per touchpoint. When linking the internal KPIs and processes to customer needs and value drivers, touchpoints can be optimized. The unique method we follow, maps customer touchpoints with back-end system processes.
This ultimately results in the ability to monitor the actual journeys at a customer segment level. Connecting customer needs with the company’s internal activities in all relevant channels will be done by:

  • Mapping of customer KPIs with company KPIs
  • Identification of business processes that support the customer journey

These activities result in clear and supported insights in improvement potential in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and compliance for the whole customer journey. A solid foundation for increasing customer satisfaction is formed in this step.

Step 2: Identify Customer behavior & process efficiency
Through Customer Journey Mining, an organization can identify how customers are “traveling” through the company’s channels and how they have interacted at touchpoints within their journey based on facts:

  • Have customers actually followed the customer journeys as designed?
  • How did it improve their customer engagement?
  • How did it influence our business performance and sales?

Combined with fact-based insights in underlying business processes, an organization can continuously improve its customer journeys and reach the optimal balance between customer satisfaction and process efficiency.

The Customer Journey Mining Process:Step 3: Continuously improve customer journeys and internal processes based on fact-based insights

A quantified and prioritized improvement agenda should be the basis for your improvement roadmap. Continuous monitoring of customer journeys transforms process improvement efforts from “gut feel” to “fact based”, resulting in less resistance and more control over value realization. Value is realized through:

  • Creating customer reality with insight in all variations and deviations
  • Analysis and metrics on customer performance (conversions, usage, durations, bottlenecks, root causes…) based on facts
  • Design & implement customer journey and process improvements
  • Continuously monitor customer and process performance

Benefits of this approach

  • Improve customer experience by using fact-based insights in customer journeys
  • Optimal balance between increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
  • Know your customers through continuous monitoring and management of personas
  • Know your potential customers through identification of their behavior
  • Increase revenue through effective support of identification of unknown visitors and conversion to known customers
  • Ability to create a fact based and focused roadmap of customer experience, process and organizational improvements.

Download our whitepaper: Customer Journey Mining 1-2-3!

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