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Digital Transformation

Business transformation is about how companies can bridge their digital performance gap from digital strategy formulation to end-to-end digital transformation. Most companies have gained initial experience in the digital realm. They have websites, webshops, apps, social media presence and some might have even formulated a digital strategy. Hardly any non-pure play internet company has accomplished a full digital transformation.

Why undertake a digital transformation?

Being digital in everything you do gives a considerable competitive advantage. Companies that are on a journey to digital often experience different types of transformation at the same time:
– From product centric to customer centric
– From a regional to a global business model
– From offline channels to digital channels
– From large and lethargic to lean and agile
– From outperformed in the market to lead the market
– From losing customers to winning customers
– From eroding brand value to new brand identity and value

Program Leadership and Management


At Dicitas we help our clients realize successful programs and projects. One of the key elements for successful programs is to deliver the right value and be at least at target. It is key to not only focus on doing things right but also continue to measure if your projects are doing the right things and will achieve the required impact.

What is the targeted value? What are the right things to do?

Programs are compilations of projects that together aim at achieving a significant, lasting improvement or change for an organization. They need to be derived from a target vision, strategy, and need to bring the right people in the organization together to lead top-down, manage and create bottom-up progress. The value (change) the program needs to deliver requires a solid business case, integrated planning and simple, transparent monitoring.

We can help you to:

1. Remain aligned with your (newly defined) corporate strategy
2. Lead Change
3. Envision and communicate a better future
4. Focus on benefits and threats to them
5. Add value
6. Design and deliver a coherent capability
7. Learn from experience

Key elements in our work:

  • Value identification, tracking and navigation towards the desired outcome
  • Program Governance Excellence to ensure the right people take the best decisions
  • Empowered PMO (Project Management Office) which allows Project Managers to focus on their managerial work but also deliver leadership with insights to ensure the program is on the right path.

Dicitas Change management addresses the human factor in digital transformation programs:

Information and technology are of increasing importance in today’s digital era. At the same time, one should not forget that it is the human being who generates, manages and utilizes all available data and instruments. Only a human interpretation will turn mere data into information. A value added business opportunity is not only created by new smart tools, but by a person that can utilize these tools with intelligence.

Dicitas Change Management guides an enterprise through its digital revolution. Change Management ensures that required innovations are not only implemented but truly incorporated by the people who constitute the organization. Founding a transformation program in Change Management will boost the program while at the same time create an organization that is ‘change robust’ for the future.

The Change Management Strategy is built around the four dimensions of the wheel of change: Navigation, Leadership, Enablement, and Ownership. Within these four dimensions, Change is facilitated through five core activities: Mobilization, Education, Organizational Redesign, Communication and Training.

In today’s ever-changing competitive world, organizations need to turn their human assets into factors that truly make a difference. Dicitas Change Management transforms the human forces of an organization into Change Empowered Agents and creates an organization that is ready for the innovations of tomorrow.

Digital Transformation project examples:

– Digital operating model redesign
– Process digitization and lean
– Digital business platform innovation
– Digital lean performance improvements
– Digital channel strategies
– Integrated talent management
– Connected workforce/ collaboration
– Change management/ training


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