Strategy & Analytics

Strategy & Analytics


The Strategy and Analytics practice has deep business and consulting experience to solve the fundamental business issues of sustainable growth and profitability. It combines the traditional strategic consulting methods with digital innovation and big data analytics.

Business Strategy and Analytics

Focusing on the fundamental business issues of sustainable growth, innovation and profitability, the discipline combines deep industry experience with latest management and strategic thinking. Topics they take on are:

1. Market growth strategy
2. Product innovation and product portfolio strategy
3. Pricing, trade terms and revenue management

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is about rethinking your competitive position and a value chain perspective is required. To accelerate growth, companies need to bridge their digital performance gap.

This means that organizations need to:
1. Rethink how digital will change their competitive and value chain position
2. Analyze and respond to new digital entrants
3. Understand the full impact of the new competitive field
4. Reorganize their operating model to accommodate dramatic cost reduction AND increased market agility
5. Boost the digital channels for marketing, sales and service innovation
6. Transform the organization: people, process and technology

Digital Strategy Formulation project examples:

– Digital strategy formulation
– Digital product innovation
– Digital value chain repositioning
– Digital operating model redesign
– Digital transformation strategy and roadmapping

With each digital customer interaction companies can capture customer data. This results in enormous amounts of data that are hard to translate into insights: the BIG DATA problem defined. We help organizations get insight from this growing amount of data and teach them how to use analytics for competitive advantage.

Analytics project examples:

– Customer analytics
– Advanced segmentation
– Performance management
– External partner metrics
– Benchmarking
– Workforce analytics
– Data management strategy and implementation


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