Consulting veterans launch Dicitas Consulting, a new consulting firm fully focused on digital transformation

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Amsterdam, 12 December 2013 – Martin Hermsen, Rufus Udo and Oliver Trier, two former partners and a senior manager from Accenture, have launched a new pureplay digital consulting firm: Dicitas Consulting. Rufus Udo, Martin Hermsen, Oliver Trier and their associates form a team covering all aspects of end-to-end digital transformation.

“Dicitas Consulting helps organizations to transform and become digital leaders in their market. Together with a strong network of digital innovators, we realize sustainable business performance improvement and growth” says Rufus Udo. “Digital transformation requires many things, including mastering the digital customer experience, omnichannel concepts, big data management and analytics, mobile customer connectivity, real time measurement, process excellence and more” adds Martin Hermsen.

Ultimate dream coming true

Martin Hermsen comes from Accenture, where Hermsen had a role as executive partner, responsible for the Marketing and CRM practice. It was under his leadership that Accenture gained a leading position in CRM in The Netherlands. Before joining Accenture, he spent 15 years in consulting, working in Europe and the United States. He sees the launch of Dicitas as the ultimate dream coming true: “It always has been my dream to build my own consulting firm, designed to solve the business problems of tomorrow and helping clients to create substantial and sustainable competitive advantage. We combine traditional strategy and transformational consulting methods with the latest the market has to offer in digital innovation.”

New type of consulting firm

Rufus Udo, managing partner and co-founder of Dicitas Consulting, is responsible for the transformation & innovation practice. With Dicitas Consulting, Rufus believes he can help his clients better then ever: “the idea to create a new type of consulting firm was based on the insight that society is changing more rapidly than ever before, resulting in significant gaps between what customers expect and what companies can offer: or, as we call it, the digital performance gap. Many traditional organizations have difficulty to close this gap and face tough competition from new entrants. New, innovative companies have redefined the rules of the game. Dicitas Consulting helps its clients to build better companies, fit to compete in a digital world. We work value based and take responsibility in achieving the targeted results”.

A Network of Digital Thought Leaders

Oliver Trier is an associate partner of Dicitas Consulting and responsible for the consulting delivery practice. Oliver combines 15 years of Management Consulting with a deep entrepreneurial interest. “Companies face simultaneous shifts in many areas of their business. Individuals with great ideas no longer need to work with large corporates for realizing their dreams – they “crowd fund” them. New, disruptive digital products and services are created in increasingly shorter lead times.  In our globally networked society, companies today need business partners that them help position for the global digital challenge, bringing true experience and access to thought leaders that understand the disruptive changes the market is undergoing.  Dicitas Consulting offers clients both, many years of relevant consulting experience and a partner-network of digital thought leaders.

About Dicitas Consulting

Dicitas Consulting helps organizations in creating breakthrough business performance improvements through the implementation of new business models, the practical application of digital innovations and the enablement of people. We create substantial value for our clients, our network partners and our people.

Customers are served with the deep industry-, functional- and technology expertise required to address the challenges they face. We combine extensive consulting experience with the latest insights in technology and business transformation. We believe that the challenges of our clients today are driven by an economic and digital transition. Being successful now, requires new and distinguishing capabilities. Dicitas Consulting helps to define and implement those capabilities.

Martin Hermsen is managing partner and co-founder of Dicitas Consulting. He leads the Digital Marketing practice. Martin has over 20 years of consulting experience in growth & competitive strategy, product innovation, marketing and customer management. He studied Information Engineering at the University of Amsterdam and received his MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management.

Rufus Udo is managing partner and co-founder of Dicitas Consulting. He leads the Transformation & Innovation practice. Rufus has more than 20 years of experience in defining, realizing and managing complex business transformation programs for multinational clients. Rufus Udo holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. Prior to founding Dicitas Consulting, Rufus spent the majority of his career at Accenture, nine years of which as an Executive Partner, leading a part of the Dutch practice.

Oliver is an associate partner of Dicitas Consulting. He leads the Consulting Delivery Practice. Oliver combines 15 years of management consulting with a deep entrepreneurial interest. Oliver Trier studied Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Coburg, Germany. Prior to working at Dicitas Consulting, Oliver spent the majority of his career at Accenture, lastly as a Senior Manager, responsible for parts of the Dutch Accenture Automotive, Travel and Transportation Industry practice.

For further information please contact or the management team:

Rufus Udo, partner
+31 622 52 53 92
Martin Hermsen, partner
+31 646 82 87 85
Oliver Trier, associate partner
+31 622 60 04 53

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