What if competition knows your 2016 plans? IT alone won’t save you

Written by Martin Hermsen

Security. What happens if your competitors have your list of customers, prices, discounts, promotion plans, innovation reports? In a recent HBR webinar featuring the Pentagon, security was the key topic. Of course they are the obvious target in Cyberwar, but what about your and my business.

“Last year, Holland lost more money to cybercrime (4.0% of its GDP) than it gained from IT (3.2%).”

Too many companies still rely on firewalls and refreshing passwords as key security actions. Yet, I have noticed first hand what people do immediately when they find a USB drive somewhere: “Oh, let’s look what’s on the stick”. In seconds a computer is infected with remote access malware or could even be fried. And it’s not about that infected computer alone.
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