Dicitas Consulting predictions for 2015 and the digital performance benchmark

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During the recent New Year party of Dicitas Consulting co-hosted by Software AG, Martin Hermsen presented the Dicitas Digital Predictions for 2015.


2015 Predictions



The audience acting as the expert panel evaluated all predications on their likelihood to become true in 2015. The outcome was remarkable! The overall conclusion was that 2015 will be the definitive year for the full breakthrough for everything digital. Digital channels, digital devices, digital consumers, digital equipment, digital things, it all dramatically changed our world.


Organizations are forced to rethink how they do business, reframe their go to market, restructure their organization and revitalize their people to fully speak digital in the omnipresent digital world.


It’s essential for organizations to know where they are, what is required now to not go down, what is of strategic importance to win tomorrow. To help organizations with their digital journey Dicitas Consulting developed the Digital Performance Benchmark to take action NOW and FAST.




19 feb

Welcome to the Process Excellence Revolution

Written by Dicitas

It started in the eighties of the previous century but it still remains important. Process excellence improves the way you create and deliver value to customers. Not convinced? Whether you’re interested in lean or six sigma, BPM or agile, this video will help you convince your organisation that it can, and should, be better.



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