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Nederlandse merken verbeteren zich slechts langzaam op digitaal gebied

Written by Dicitas

Dicitas Consulting heeft voor het tweede achtereenvolgende jaar de Digital Dominance Benchmark uitgevoerd. Deze benchmark toont de competitieve sterkte van een merk in de verschillende digitale kanalen. #DIS2018NL

Ten opzichte van de vorige benchmark in 2017 hebben Nederlandse bedrijven en merken zich slechts beperkt verbeterd voor wat betreft de digitale zichtbaarheid en kracht van hun merk. Dit in tegenstelling tot bedrijven in een aantal andere landen van Europa zoals Engeland, Duitsland en Frankrijk. Er bestaat nog steeds een kloof tussen wat klanten verwachten en ervaren van een merk in de huidige digitale wereld. Het dichten van deze digitale prestatiekloof is voor veel bedrijven een serieuze uitdaging. Read more

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19 jan

June 8th 2017 – Employment agencies are still behind the Digitalization Curve

Written by Dicitas

The Employment Agency sector is the area researched most recently as part of the Digital Dominance BenchmarkTM. The overall conclusion is that scores for the Employment Agency sector across all categories, lands well below the cross-industry average for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Many organizations are struggling to live up to customer expectations and to know how to offer the proper experiences across their digital channels. Even though many companies increase their digital budgets these days, many still shave difficulty with how to spend it in the best possible way.

We see that the changes in the employment market take a similar route as the consumer market, where consumers are increasingly purchase directly from suppliers online. Candidates approach companies directly and vice versa using online platforms. Technology and digital plays a much larger part in candidates search paths than before. Staying on top of these developments will make or break a successful recruiting journey.

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8 jun

Process mining, the key to next generation process improvement

Written by Rufus Udo

Process mining, the key to next generation process improvement

Process mining is an area that not many people have heard of, but is about to hype massively in the next 12 months. Although the concept seems relatively new, some of my close colleagues have been working on this for the past 6 to 7 years. It was until quite recently that the tools supporting the analysis were quite difficult to implement and use. What has changed is that a new generation of tools, developed by software companies like QPR, Celonis, Software AG and others, is now available. Process mining tools currently on the market, are both easy to implement and easy to use, taking away the biggest barrier for companies to use process mining as the foundation of their process improvement efforts. The next couple of paragraphs provide a further explanation of the what, why and how in process mining.
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