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Dicitas Consulting predictions for 2015 and the digital performance benchmark

Written by Dicitas

During the recent New Year party of Dicitas Consulting co-hosted by Software AG, Martin Hermsen presented the Dicitas Digital Predictions for 2015.


2015 Predictions



The audience acting as the expert panel evaluated all predications on their likelihood to become true in 2015. The outcome was remarkable! The overall conclusion was that 2015 will be the definitive year for the full breakthrough for everything digital. Digital channels, digital devices, digital consumers, digital equipment, digital things, it all dramatically changed our world.


Organizations are forced to rethink how they do business, reframe their go to market, restructure their organization and revitalize their people to fully speak digital in the omnipresent digital world.


It’s essential for organizations to know where they are, what is required now to not go down, what is of strategic importance to win tomorrow. To help organizations with their digital journey Dicitas Consulting developed the Digital Performance Benchmark to take action NOW and FAST.




19 feb

Successful digital business models need deliberately unstable processes

Written by Martin Hermsen

Gartner: successfully implementing digital business models depend on implementing deliberately unstable processes which are agile, adaptable and supermanoeuvrable to support shifting customer needs.

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28 jan

Digital Transformation Introduction Series with Infographic

Written by Martin Hermsen

ZDNet recently published a multi-series on Digital Transformation.

Summary: Human behavior is changing. Technology is on track to dominate our lives, and we are becoming digital-first. There is no doubt that a digital transformation is already ongoing and omnipresent.


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12 dec

Digital Innovation Summit 2014 Highlights

Written by Dicitas

Enjoy the highlights for the 2014 edition of the Digital Innovation Summit. We enjoyed welcoming over 200 participants from digital innovators, organizations and thought leaders at our summit.



For more information:

About the 2014 Edition: Presentations, Highlights Photo’s and Video’s

About the 2015 Edition: Latest Updates

Early Registration for the 2015 Edition


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7 dec

The Digital Innovation Summit 2014, join us the 9th of October!

Written by Dicitas

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Dicitas Consulting and its partners hereby cordially invite you to join our Digital Innovation Summit 2014 on October 9th, 2014 at Fort Voordorp, Groenekan, Utrecht. Digital developments are changing society at an increasing speed. They are changing the way markets, consumers and customers behave. Dicitas Consulting and its partners want to share with you the impact of digital innovation on organizations around the globe. We will show you different aspects of digital innovation during an afternoon and evening program. Leading companies will present the latest digital thinking and breakthrough ideas to you via case studies involving high-profile customer organizations.

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7 jul

Digital Innovation Summit 2014 voorbereidingen zijn gestart!

Written by Dicitas

Alle voorbereidingen zijn in volle gang voor de Digital Innovation Summit 2014. Wil je alvast registreren?

19 jun vertelt over e-commerce strategie

Written by Dicitas

Waarom zou je als online retailer meer dan 100 miljoen euro steken in staal en beton?




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14 mei

Ex Accenture partners richten Dicitas Consulting op.

Written by Dicitas
9 apr

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