Life at Dicitas

Life at Dicitas Consulting

A career with Dicitas is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Just as we guide our clients through the complex maze of digital technology and 21st century business strategies, we guide our employees and help them achieve their professional milestones and ultimately realize success.

Challenge Yourself & Grow with Us

From crafting innovative digital strategies to offering help with data analytics, our team members roll up their sleeves and work tirelessly with customers to plan, implement and execute. Being a part of the Dicitas family means putting the client first and dedicating yourself to a project until you have delivered the very best.

Fostering your Future

You will discover in Dicitas a strong network of support and collegiality, as we firmly believe in building your capabilities and coaching you in every relevant area, from project content to personal presentation. With more than 15 years consulting experience, our partners regularly work with new analysts and guide them as they cooperatively strive to meet the client’s needs and expectations. Embracing fresh perspectives, innovative solutions and creative thinking, Dicitas truly represents a team approach.

Only the very best

Our goal is to attract the very best and in doing so set them on the path toward optimal career development. From day one, we give you the tools you need to learn and, most importantly, to succeed at your job. Dicitas Consulting offers a step-by-step curriculum, ongoing training sessions, and we also provide a fully integrated hands-on apprenticeship, thereby ensuring that you gain the education and experience you need to become client ready and stay relevant. Our senior staff is deeply committed and passionate about developing others, and our external teachers, selected for their deep expertise, are dedicated when it comes to helping Dicitas train and maintain the best of the best.

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