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At Dicitas Consulting you will be working in the forefront of a rapidly changing digital world. Unstoppable, our mission is to reinvent clients, industries and businesses, and play our part in transforming society. Therefore, we require more than just good grades. We are looking for people who have consulting in their DNA, who understand that to be successful you need to have an edge. The best candidates, along with a background in business, finance or engineering sciences, have an undeniable edge.

In consulting there are many unknowns. Can you handle these unknowns and successfully guide our clients to effective solutions? If so, then you are what we are looking for. So whether you’re a soon-to-be graduate or a seasoned professional, if you believe you have what it takes to contribute to our dynamic and vibrant team of high level consultants, we want to hear from you.

University Students

The choices you make now have a lifetime impact. If you are a recent graduate, Dicitas may be one of your best options for getting on the fast track to a successful career and accelerated personal growth. At Dicitas Consulting, we believe you should be in the driver’s seat, setting your own course to realize your personal goals.

You will work alongside senior experts from day one. Fully involved with clients, you will have the chance to make an immediate impact. We put our people in a position to shine, show off their skills, and subsequently learn from actual on-the-job experience. Ultimately, we strive to give your career the best foundation possible.


With Dicitas Consulting’s business growing at a rapid pace, we are looking for talented people to join our team. At Dicitas you will consult closely with clients to help them gain a better understanding of their competitive position, their digital strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies for their future and achieve real results. Working alongside industry experts, you will get the chance to develop your own leadership skills through daily interaction with your clients and our partners. By becoming an integral part of the Dicitas team, you will discover the perfect venue to fulfill your ambitions.

Experienced Professional

We value experience. Seeking only the best talent and expert professionals, Dicitas Consulting will make an investment in you.  As an experienced hire, you will start at a higher level within the organization and immediately begin working with colleagues who value your particular knowledge and skills. Whether you have a few years or a decade of professional experience, we invite you to explore why Dicitas Consulting may be the perfect place to take your career to the next level.

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