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At Dicitas Consulting, no two career paths are the same.

At Dicitas, we are flexible when it comes to employee development. Our organisation allows for a variety of career paths. Whichever you choose, we guarantee a well-structured and fulfilling professional experience.

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As a young graduate you would typically join our team as an analyst or consultant, depending on your academic and professional background. After gaining experience and expertise, your career path could lead to manager, senior manager and perhaps eventually partner in the firm. Regardless of your career goals, you become a lifelong member of a unique digital business community.


Analysts represent the backbone of Dicitas Consulting. From conducting client interviews, analysing industry performance, spearheading problem-solving efforts and helping with execution, our analysts are an essential part of our delivery team.


Our consultants’ broad range of experiences and knowledge make them integral to our team. Managing a substantial part of client engagements, consultants advise on effective strategies for change, secure buy-in to solutions and work alongside clients to make those solutions happen. Dicitas Consultants also act as mentors for junior team members.


Managers lead their teams through the development and implementation of new solutions. They ensure that client projects run smoothly, on time and within budget. Additionally, by participating in recruiting campaigns and contributing to training programs, managers are responsible for helping us build a robust, diverse company culture, fostering growth and development of junior colleagues.

Senior Manager

Your proven track record as successful consultant and manager will serve you well as you begin leading multiple client engagements. As a senior manager, you will not only steer projects, but also offer guidance and foster professional development.  You also increasingly have a role in the management of the company, and consequently start developing your own business segment or functional service line.


Partners manage the company and define the culture and DNA of Dicitas Consulting. As a partner, you will drive Dicitas Consulting business by developing existing client relationships and forging new ones.  Your job is to help clients reinvent the rules of the game, and in doing so, inspire your teams. Being a partner translates to a sound business instinct and judgement, but also a great ability to lead, persuade and make change happen.

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