Digital Innovation Summit 2014 voorbereidingen zijn gestart!

Written by Dicitas

Alle voorbereidingen zijn in volle gang voor de Digital Innovation Summit 2014. Wil je alvast registreren?

19 jun

3rd Digital Revolution: FAB LAB manufaturing and digital material

Written by Martin Hermsen

MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld explains the “The Third Digital Revolution”. At the recent SOLID conference, he explains the progress in creating digital material, which together with the already started rise of FAB LABs (multi purpose / highly flexible fabrication laboratories offering personal digital fabrication / 3D printing) – will significantly disrupt our “analog” manufacturing world.

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28 mei

Burberry’s success boosted by digital transformation

Written by Martin Hermsen

Burberry – the high-end fashion brand and retail chain – has posted record results, aided by an advanced digital transformation. That effort was begun eight years ago by former CEO Angela Ahrendts, now the retail boss at Apple.

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27 mei

Planes, Trains, Automobiles and … Drones

Written by Martin Hermsen

The hullaballoo about an errant drone that nearly collided with a US Airways jet near Tallahassee Regional Airport has the fear-mongers clucking. But something bad always happens with a new technology. There is no saying no to the future…




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15 mei vertelt over e-commerce strategie

Written by Dicitas

Waarom zou je als online retailer meer dan 100 miljoen euro steken in staal en beton?




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14 mei

Dicitas Consulting hot topic on Consultancy.NL

Written by Dicitas

In de periode Februari/April 2014 is Dicitas Consulting hot topic op Consultancy.NL. Een indicatie dat de ontwikkelingen bij Dicitas Consulting met de nodige belangstelling worden gevolgd.



22 apr

Ex Accenture partners richten Dicitas Consulting op.

Written by Dicitas
9 apr

Web 3.0 – A documentary on Web 3.0 and big data

Written by Dicitas

A short story about the Semantic Web. Web 3.0 will make tasks like your search for movies and food faster and easier. Instead of multiple searches, you might type a complex sentence or two in your Web 3.0 browser, and the Web will do the rest.




Many of these experts believe that the Web 3.0 browser will act like a personal assistant. As you search the Web, the browser learns what you are interested in. The more you use the Web, the more your browser learns about you and the less specific you’ll need to be with your questions. Eventually you might be able to ask your browser open questions like “where should I go for lunch?”


Your browser would consult its records of what you like and dislike, take into account your current location and then suggest a list of restaurants.



Youtube videos:

1 apr

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