7 Digital Dominance Award 2016 winners in Belgium!

Written by Dicitas

Last week, professionals active in digital marketing representing companies from a range of industries gathered at Chalet Robinson to celebrate the Digital Dominance Award winners for 2016 for the Belgian Market. The Digital Dominance Benchmark is a research conducted by Dicitas Consulting, who initiated this new award to recognize the brands that are dominant in “digital” in their markets. The research was as well conducted for the Netherlands and Asia

For the Belgian market, 55 brands were considered in this benchmark and 21 were nominated as potential award winner in 7 different categories (Banking, Insurance, Telco, Utilities, Food Retail, Retail & Products).

The winners received their awards during the Digital Dominance Award Diner organized by Dicitas Consulting in collaboration with Conversion Talent and Yonego. The partnering companies polled the audience on how they evaluate the gap between their company’s digital ambitions and what they have accomplished in reality. Moreover, it was discussed what holds back companies to close the gap between what consumers expect and what these companies can delivery. During the award dinner, topics were tackled such as ‘how to identify the right digital talent and how to recruit them’ and ‘what to anticipate as digital trends in 2017’.

Internal challenges are still the main driver of digital frustration for customers

The poll showed that there is not only a huge difference between what a company has as its ambition compared to what it can offer. When asked for the main reasons why this gap still exists, the marketers pointed out that the main reasons are to be found internally.

The time it takes to implement the technological component and lack of internal digitally savvy resources are on top of the list with reasons, closely followed by the human resistance to change. “This confirms what we see at our clients”, says Davy Verhulst (managing partner of Dicitas Consulting for the BeLux market),” the times where upper management or budget held back a start of digital initiatives are behind us. Decision makers recognize the need and address the first two reasons by calling upon external experts. The main concern of higher management remains to assure that the organization has the capacity and capabilities to continue the digitalization once the momentum is created and the external experts start to phase out. This stresses the importance of a good transformation management while maintaining the right balance between internal and external capability development.”

“The scarcity of digital talent leads to a war for talent”, Jeroen Van Ermen (co-founder of Conversion Talent) points out. ” A war that pushes recruiters to think more like marketeers and act as community managers that look beyond the candidates that are actively ‘on search’ for their next position. The “check in the box” recruiting approach is too short sighted and doesn’t reflect the fact that the boxes will keep on changing.” A conclusion shared by Joris Toonders (Founder of Yonego)“ The speed of development increases exponentially, the giants become bigger and data is the common factor in all developments. A company culture that fits the speed required by the markets is a determining factor for success. Without speed, flexibility and a data driven culture even the best thought trough strategies are doomed to fail. The challenges are many, but the opportunities outnumber them. Those companies that see speed of development as an opportunity have all advantages to be successful in the next year. . “.

No One is perfect

The Digital Dominance Benchmark measures companies’ digital dominance in an objective way, by using publicly available data available from a large number of qualified sources. The research benchmarks the 5 most common dimensions of digital: Website-, Online Video-, Mobile app-, Social Media- and Search Engine performance. Within these dimensions, the research evaluated a number of sub-dimensions. To get to a benchmark score, each brand was compared against the best performing brand in a sub-dimension. This allowed to compare companies cross industry and cross geography.

A first conclusion is that none of the award winners is leading in all 5 dimensions for their industry. As can be seen in the overview hereafter, there are some industries where 2 companies clearly lead in digital in Belgium.

Belgium still has a gap to close in most categories in comparison with the Netherlands and Asia. In some categories, the leading Belgian brands hardly reach the average of the Netherlands in their industry.

The 7 winners

The winners of the Digital Dominance Awards for Belgium in 2016 are:

Banking:          BNP Paribas Fortis

Insurance:       KBC

Utilities:           Luminus

Food Retail:    Lidl

Retail:              Zalando

Telco:               Proximus

Products:        Jupiler


Some event moments:

Press contact: Davy Verhulst, +32 475 83 99 98,

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2 feb

The Nominees for Digital Dominance Awards Belgium are announced

Written by Dicitas

Entering 2017 we look back evaluating which brands were most dominant in 2016 in the digital presence within their industry. Research by Dicitas Consulting (, who initiated this new award to recognize the digitally dominant brands, is not only executed in Belgium. Similar awards have recognized the digital dominant brands in the Netherlands and in Asia.

For the Belgian market 55 brands were screened and 18 were nominated in 6 different categories (Banking, Insurance, Telco, Utilities, Food Retail, Products).

The winners will receive their awards during the Digital Dominance Award Diner on the 26th of January. This event is organized by Dicitas Consulting in collaboration with Conversion Talent ( and Yonego ( will start at 5pm at Chalet Robinson in Brussels.

During the award evening topics will be tackled as ‘how to identify the right digital talent and how to recruit them’, ‘anticipated digital trends for 2017’ and in interactive session with the public how they look at the future.

Belgium still catching up

The results of the research show us still large differences between industries. Also geographically there still is a gap. Belgium still has a gap to close in most categories in comparison with the Netherlands and Asia. “Despite the progress, there still remains for many consumers a mismatch between what they expect from a brand in this digital era and what the brands actually offer.”, says Davy Verhulst, partner at Dicitas Consulting responsible for the Belux practice. “Closing this digital performance gap is for many companies high on their list of challenges to tackle. As a first step it is important how well they currently perform in comparison with their benchmark”.

Digital Dominance Index

The 55 brands were compared and ranked based on their digital presence towards the consumer with the Digital Dominance Index as measure. Companies aim to create a competitive advantage by being recognized as an authority on specific digital channels. The Digital Dominance Index has as objective to identify the digital leaders in a given industry and provide insights on what is necessary to become such a digital leader. The index is an analysis based on common sense and facts available to the public and therefore objective in its nature. The index is based on the analysis in 5 most common digital dimensions: Website, Online Video, Mobile apps, Social Media search engine performance.

Want to attend the event and find out more details?

You find more details on where you find the program and contact form to request an invitation.


Press contact: Davy Verhulst, +32 475 83 99 98,

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10 jan

A wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous 2017!

Written by Dicitas

Dicitas Consulting wishes you a wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous 2017!




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20 dec

The intelligent interface for everything

Written by Dicitas


Voice-controlled assistance is seeing another evolution as it looks to prove its worth as the next shift in human-computer interaction.  Siri creator Dag Kittlaus showed off the first public demo of Viv, an AI virtual system that aims to be “the intelligent interface for everything.”  In a live presentation that mentioned the word “paradigm” at least a dozen times, Kittlaus talked a bit about the next wave of computer interaction methods and how Viv would come to “breathe life into the inanimate objects of our life through conversation.”

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11 sep

What is the most digital dominant brand in the Benelux?

Written by Dicitas

DDI LogoAt this years edition of the Digital Innovation Summit we will reward those brands that stand out in digital dominance in the eyes of the consumer through digital channels. We benchmarked the key brands in the Netherlands and Belgium and we will reward the winners on the 15th of September 2016.


Have you been wondering…

– How your brands are acting in the digital sphere?
– How your brand and company stacks up against your competitors?
– How your brands are performing in different markets?

To measure is to know…find out what your Digital Dominance score is now!

Register HERE for your ticket for the Digital Innovation Summit!

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8 jul

Time for HR to focus on employees

Written by Dicitas

I recently read an article that in France it is now illegal for an employer to email an employee after working hours. The idea seems cripplingly parochial to me. Apart from the fact that if I cannot email a colleague I will just WhatsApp or dropbox them, it appears to align to the 9 to 5 mentality where employees are treated as all having the same disposition and needs.

Blog by Marieke Heikens, Dicitas Consulting.

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3 jun

Digital Innovation Summit III: 15 September 2016

Written by Dicitas






For the third consecutive year, Dicitas Consulting will organize the Digital Innovation Summit on Thursday, the 15th of September 2016. The Digital Innovation Summit is an annual event presenting the latest thought leadership in digital trends, innovation and transformation.

25 mei

Retailers. Dare to transform!

Written by Martin Hermsen

virtual supermarket

Retail companies have been dealing with increasingly diverse and faster paced consumer expectations for some time now. To satisfy these expectations, they have felt forced to move faster and faster within a wide variety of channels. Mostly though, they implemented cosmetic changes such as loyalty programs, store remodels, adapting product portfolios, etc. Again and again it was a difficult trade-off between consumer experience, logistical efficiency and business profitability.

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23 nov

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