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  • Customer Journey Mining 1-2-3!

    A company’s customers are the reason for its existence! This is the reason why many organizations have invested significant time and effort in designing customer journeys and optimizing the customer experience. A positive customer experience is essential, as it indicates how well a company meets the expectations of its customers.

    Realizing the optimal customer experience however, requires a significant investment. Companies often lose sight of the relation between customer experience and the cost associated with realizing this. The best way to increase customer satisfaction and decrease operational costs simultaneously is to follow our ‘Customer Journey Mining 1-2-3! approach’.


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  • The Nominees for Digital Dominance Awards Belgium are announced

    Entering 2017 we look back evaluating which brands were most dominant in 2016 in the digital presence within their industry. Research by Dicitas Consulting, who initiated this new award to recognize the digitally dominant brands, is not only executed in Belgium. Similar awards have recognized the digital dominant brands in the Netherlands and in Asia.

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  • Entrepreneurship in the year 2020

    How will Dutch entrepreneurs be making money in the year 2020? How will they go about achieving their goals? Which major current trends will have impacted the way they will be doing business? What opportunities will there be for entrepreneurs? These are the main themes of the book ‘Entrepreneurship in the year 2020’ written by Sjoerd Hauptmeijer en Mario van Vliet.

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