The Digital Economy

The Digital Economy and the Digital Performance Gap

The Digital revolution is difficult to grasp, goes faster than any previous technology revolution and gives many compelling and new opportunities. The current technology revolution also results in real digital performance gaps for many organizations.

The digital performance gap is today’s big business topic: consumers are way ahead of many companies in terms of digital savvyness and are online all day and constantly in touch with the social- and professional network. Confronted with investment budgets that are frozen in reaction to the economic downturn, companies see a growing backlog of innovations that need to happen to keep up with accelerating digital change. For many traditional companies, staying in sync with current reality is an undoable task. The constraints posed by legacy structures, capabilities, processes and technology often seem too big to overcome. Waiting for things to settle however is not an option.

The widespread adoption of Internet, social, and mobile technologies has shifted power from the producer to the consumer. In this new “techonomy,” the increasingly sophisticated and always connected consumer expects more from brands. He or she demands personalization, relevance, convenience, simplicity and proximity. To stay competitive, brands need a new approach to inspire and engage consumers, drive conversion and execute customer service.

Dicitas helps companies with their digital transformation in a holistic manner, works value based and always with the ultimate end goal in mind: sustainable digital transformation to increase the competitive advantage of our customers.

Dicitas Consulting and its Digital Partner Network brings their experience to clients in the key areas of digital transformational change: experiences bundled in value proposition, methods and approaches:



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