3rd Digital Revolution: FAB LAB manufaturing and digital material

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MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld explains the “The Third Digital Revolution”. At the recent SOLID conference, he explains the progress in creating digital material, which together with the already started rise of FAB LABs (multi purpose / highly flexible fabrication laboratories offering personal digital fabrication / 3D printing) – will significantly disrupt our “analog” manufacturing world.

From the 2014 Solid Conference: Analog telephone calls degraded with distance; digitizing communications allowed errors to be detected and corrected, leading to the Internet. Analog computations degraded with time; digitizing computing again allowed errors to be detected and corrected, leading to microprocessors and PCs. Manufacturing today remains analog; although the designs are digital, the processes are not. Neil Gershenfeld presents emerging research on digitizing fabrication by coding the construction of functional materials, and explores its implications for programming the physical world.

More information: see here the more video’s from the conference


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