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Partners in Transformation

Dicitas Consulting helps organizations to transform and become digital leaders in their market. Together with our business partners, we realize sustainable business performance improvement and growth. Digital transformation requires many capabilities, including mastering the digital customer experience, multichannel concepts, big data management and analytics, mobile customer connectivity, real time measurement and more.

Dicitas Consulting helps to develop your digital strategy, setting the right priorities, defining the transformation roadmap and guide your organization through the transformation process.

We work value based and take responsibility in achieving the targeted results. We help you to build a better company, fit to compete in a digital world.

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Digital Innovation Summit 2016: Transforming your organization

Thursday, September 15th  2016

For the third consecutive year, Dicitas Consulting and the Dicitas Digital Transformation Network will organize the Digital Innovation Summit. Digital is storming through the business world with a relentless pace and is changing the rules of the business world.

How to deal with the digital revolution? How do you adapt your business to the new business rules? How do you transform your marketing, sales and service channels to serve the digital consumer? How do you bridge the Digital Performance Gap?

We mobilized the digital pioneers  together with small innovative digital entrepreneurs to help you think beyond the digital state of today into the future. If you ever asked yourself the question, how do I bridge the digital performance gap, this is the summit you want to attend.

If you have ever asked yourself:

– Should my product become digital and how?
– Should my service become digital and how?
– Should my distribution and commercial interactions become digital and how?
– Should me internal operations become digital and how?

Then join us in this unique digital transformational learning experience.

We will show you different aspects of digital innovation during an afternoon and evening program. Leading companies will present the latest digital thinking and breakthrough ideas to you via case studies involving high-profile customer organizations.

The Digital Innovation summit offers you:
– A great event to learn and share how to excel in an ever-changing digital world.
– To learn about digital innovation to help your business succeed and accelerate.
– Interactive sessions to share with and learn from your peers.
– Networking with companies and colleagues in a high-end inspirational environment.



Dicitas Consulting has extensive experience

Dicitas Consulting has extensive experience across a wide range of industries. Our highly motivated teams bring each client a combination of deep knowledge of the specific industry and expert perspectives from other industries.

Consulting Services

4 big themes are on the top of boardroom agenda’s in every industry: digital transformation, digital workforce, data analytics leading to real business performance improvement.

The Digital Network

We believe that success in today’s society is reached through effective application of breakthrough innovations. Often the real innovations come from small, agile, smart and young companies working in the forefront of the digital realm.

The network focuses on joint innovation, cross fertilization and bringing the best to our clients. The Dicitas network is focused, dynamic, energetic and rapidly growing.

Want to hear more about the network? Contact us!

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